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Our urban farm is in our modest sized backyard in a typical urban setting outside of Phoenix, Arizona, located in the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest in North America.  When you think of a desert filled with saguaro cactus, hotter than hell, that is where BluGill Urban Farm makes its home.

Western Windmill

Western Windmill in the Southwest

Our goal for this site is to share our trials and tribulations with other similar-minded individuals, provide inspiration to others.  We have no experience or formal training on how to grow crops in the desert or elsewhere, we have no special skills or training building, masonry, carpentry.  We are typical every day 9 to 5 working professionals who have a love for and desire to learn, experiment, experience, and share their experiences.

We expect many of our postings to be entertaining.  And many of them may be interesting only to those who know us personally. Either way, we sincerely hope you leave our site with a sense of confidence to try, and fail, and perhaps succeed, and enjoy the journey for yourself and share with us.  Remember, it is the journey that is important and not the destination.

You may also consider joining our West Valley Urban Farm Group on www.urbanfarm.org.


BluGill Urban Farm

Urban cactus

Urban cactus


Administrator of this site, the BluGill Urban Farmer. Urban area of the Sonoran desert in the arid Southwestern North America.

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